Music Visualization

A program designed for real-time control of lighting technology communicating via DMX512 protocol. The control is based on data acquired from music in real time. A DMX PIPE interface from S.O.H. is required.

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DMX512 PC Control

Universal program that enables direct control of a PC by DMX512 protocol. Utilizes a keyboard simulation, where any channel can be asigned a sequence of keys and the program this sequence will be applied to. DMX PIPE set up as a receiver can be used for processing the input from this DMX PC Control. The computer then becomes a device controlled by DMX512 the same as any other lighting technology. An S.O.H. product.

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DMX Light Control

Simple program utilizing full 512 DMX channels. Works as a dimmer between two scenes with a function for automatic fading of scenes. An S.O.H. product.

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Dip Switch

A program to determine DIP switch setting for a specific DMX address and vice versa.

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DMX - Windows CE

An application for controlling lighting technology using DMX512 protocol in Windows CE enviroment.

DMX Light Control CE x86 download

Other SW

Other software, which is compatible with DMX PIPE.

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