Music Visualization

The program uses internationally patented technology for controlling lighting technology directly by audio signal (LTCA). It can ingeniously control all the lighting technology directly just by music that is being played. The most widespread protocol - DMX512 - is used to control the lighting technology. Music Visualization version that allows controlling the first 10 DMX channels is free and available for download. More information in products.

  • Exclusive patented LTCA technology
  • The application is able to control lighting technology by music in real time.
  • Human intervention is not necessary.
  • Nonstop synchronization of lighting technology with music production.
  • Harmonize the light show even with new unknown music production.
  • Program can quickly react even to unpredictable changes in music.
  • Allows for better utilization of lighting technology.
  • It is able to control lighting technology already built in.
  • It is able to control each one of tens of pieces of lighting technology individually, which no human lighting designer can do.
  • Can run nonstop and never wears down.
  • Ordinary PCs, notebooks or mini PC systems can be used, which makes it portable as well.
  • For control of the lighting technology by music any input of soundcard can be used (for example microphone, line in) or the analysis of the music can be done on the background along with playback from any media player (like Windows Media Player or WinAmp).

New version DMX Music Visualization 3.4 download

Windows Installer: DMX-Music-Visualization.msi (mirror 1)

ZIP archive: (mirror 1)

(Recommendation: If you have the Music Visualization installed, please uninstall it first.)

New features and changes in 3.2 version (2024)

  • Version Basic upgrade from 20 to 24 attributes for free
  • Attribut Keyboard Key with Output Level setting
  • Small statistics bugs fixed
  • Global Channels Modify with Swap and Resize function
  • Long Chase save and load bug fixed

New features and changes in 3.3 version (2021)

  • ArtNet interface up to 3072 channels
  • Monitor MIDI input
  • DJ Buttons window and font resizable
  • New DJ Button Grouping function
  • New attributes DMX Channel Keep Value a DMX Hold Last Value
  • Global Channels Modify

New features and changes in 3.2 version (September 1 2015)

  • New attribute Audacity Gong Detector (detects concrete WAV gong in sound track)
  • Extension of DJ Buttons - 48 Buttons
  • New attribute Tone Detector II  with 4x faster resolution frequency
  • New user attribute Custom Attribute II
  • Option for Scene Setting in Modify as Invert/Reverse/Drift for work with the chases
  • Loading BMP pictures in Scene Settings and mapping RGB/BGR/GRB for celected Fixtures in the chase
  • Audio graph Scope with 4x higher resolution frequency
  • New dialogs as: Global Channels Modify, DMX Inverting Outputs

New features and changes in 3.0 version (October 23 2013)

  • Unlimited number of scenes in chase
  • New "Wallpaper" Fixture for 250 independent lights
  • Unlimited playing of DMX records
  • 3072 DMX Channels

New features and changes in 2.7 version (May 21 2013)

  • Improved sound signal analysis
  • New dialogue for setup of inverted channels
  • Improved 1024 channels license
  • New DMX512 Output or Input Recording option
  • Four times more accurate FFT spectrum analyser
  • Drag and Drop Files for ease of use
  • New extension of MIDI Input/Output and new attribute External MIDI IN
  • Dialog for monitoring MIDI Input
  • Works with FTP or HTTP file scene source
  • DJ Buttons custom wallpaper and fullscreen password protection
  • USB drivers now integrated into DMX Music Visualization installation
  • More color choices available for progress bars and scene settings
  • And other improved functions

New features and changes in 2.6 version (March 5 2013)

  • New Music Visualization 2.6 runs 10 times faster!
  • Scene Settings with new data monitor for DMX IN, OUT and MIDI
  • Color Saturation Output dialo settings
  • Silent Detection attribute is enhanced for Deactivation Delay
  • New Statistic Dialogues
  • Safe mode for locking settings
  • Fixtures Editor for quick modifications of light fixtures
  • New preset motions for the Track Generator and Scene Position Editor
  • Patch funtctions integrated with the Track Generator
  • Upgraded functions such as Modify, ToolTips, DMX512 Input, Patch, Scene Settings, ect.

New features and changes in 2.3 version (February 23 2011)

  • Configurable MIDI in/out
  • Added dialogue DMX512 Output Box
  • Function Select Unused Attributes
  • Added new attribute - DMX Output Logarithmic for adjustment of output process
  • Global slider for + and - in Scene Settings menu
  • Communication with external user aplication

New features and changes in 2.2 version (November 11 2010)

  • Fixtures extended from 32 to 64 programmable buttons
  • Dialogue Automatic Filling Tools for Fixtures a Tool Tips
  • Changes in timing and data sending thru interface
  • Unlimited count of dialogues DMX512 Output
  • Standalone dialogue DMX512 Output pro Scene Setting
  • Dialogue LED Color Preview showing final color of all RGB channels
  • BMP picture player for RGB light devices - video with example of LED wall setting
  • Scene Setting allow multiple row scene selectingin chase and one button editation
  • Extended count of scenes in chase from 20 to 60
  • Control by external sensor – Bit Bang Mode
  • License for 1024 DMX channels (2 independent universes) + Art-Net
  • And more changes and upgrades

New features and changes in 2.1 version (August 25 2010)

  • Added Art-Net support! Art-Net allows controlling lights over ethernet, connecting with 3D visualization (e. g. Capture Polar) and output for other DMX512 interfaces.
  • Automatic start of selected scene after the program is closed (Shutdown Scene)
  • Fixtures extended from 16 to 32 programmable buttons
  • Added 20 more icons for ToolTips

New features and changes in 2.0c version (May 10 2010)

  • New Color Picker for more comfortable selection of colors in RGB space
  • Scene Modify function in Scene Setting dialog
  • New graphics for some buttons
  • Icons for individual DMX channels simultaneously show description and color
  • Gradual Motion attribute
  • Function # for controlling attributes was extended with attributes #S (Switching) and #M (Morphing)
  • Three more options in chase settings – always from the beginning, morph all scenes and switch between scenes
  • New dialog Scene Track for scanners or moving heads position setting in GUI
  • Some modifications to existing features

New features and changes in 2.0 version (March 10 2010)

  • Icons for individual DMX channels
  • DMX channels have colors according to the assigned scene or chase
  • Statistical information of attributes in dialog window Attribute Statistics
  • CMY color selection using Color Picker
  • Touch Control 1.0
  • Full Screen option for DJ Buttons
  • Export of all scenes and chases into individual files
  • Attributes Boost for changing dynamics of all attributes
  • Advanced Setup with the possibility of reverting all settings to their default values
  • Overview of all DMX channels being used by the program
  • All scenes and chases can be updated from files on disk by just one click
  • Functions for moving, copying and deleting selected blocks of DMX channels from all scenes and chases at once
  • New attributes DMX Output Speed, DMX Channels Delay and Audio Input Over-excitation
  • Custom attributes can be added using DLL libraries
  • Over 30 dialogs available for extensive customization
  • And many other new features and improvements


How To Create A Project

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More information in products.

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