3D Visualization

Scene of lights controlled by Music Visualization is possible to visualize directly in the Capture Polar.

Visualization is free for download and is limited to an hour of run. Then you need to restart it again.

Visualization Capture Polar Visualization Capture Polar Program Music Visualization download

Program Capture Polar download

Settings of Capture Polar visualization in the program Music Visualization

  • In the program Music Visualization is needed to enable Art-Net function. In the tab Configuration >> Art-Net simply check Enable. Values output universe and pipe may be zero.

  • Visualization Capture Polar
  • Just run the program Capture Polar. In the tab Tools >> Options can be select Preferred network address like automatic or select a specific network adapter from the list.

  • Settings of Art-Net Capture Polar Settings Art-Net in Capture Polar
  • After this step is needed to confirm Windows Firewall request about allowing access of Capture Polar to the selected network (depending of choosed network adapter).
  • You can try one of the ready-made examples (eg Opera.c2p). These examples can also be downloaded from the website Capture Polar.
  • In the bottom right tab Universes in External Universes window should already automatically detect interface ArtNet Universe 0, Sub-Net 0, Input 1.

  • Settings of Art-Net Capture Polar

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