Control your lighting technology directly by PC! This USB-DMX512 interface can control all 512 DMX channels. A wide range of software from simple to professional applications are avaible. Drivers are available for all versions of Windows OS and for Linux and Mac OS as well.

     This interface is available as standalone USB-DMX512 module with connectors to be used in your own device(s) and is now available implemented with a professional connector with significant mechanical durability. This was made possible thanks to a new circuit from the British company FTDI (Future Technology Device International Ltd.) and the highly integrated electronic components. A high quality, durable and certified cable is used the USB connection. The USB supply shielding has been improved. The design and mechanical wokmanship are also important so a cable produced in Switzeland and a profesional connector from the German supplier IMG Stage Line is used. Overall, the components of this product are of high-quality have been tested and come from nine countries of the world. Every component and its manufacturing process is lead free. All contacts are goldplated and together with sturdy design ensure flawless signal transfer. The high quality surface finish with laser printing guarantees long term mechanical durability. The soldering is using a precise automatic machine and the solder contains highly conductive silver. The excellent software compatibility of the converter is thanks to the FTDI who developed a unified driver for older integrated circuits of other converters and provides continuous updates for new operating systems.


  • USB – DMX512 Interface
  • DMX512 Transmitter / Receiver
  • Full 512 channels
  • Full Speed DMX512
  • Powered through USB
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Low power consumption USB
  • -40°C to 80°C extended operating temperature range
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tested (EMC)
  • Silver soldering and lead-free
  • Excellent software compatibility
  • Windows, Linux and Mac OS drivers available for download -
  • Manuals: English, Czech, German
  • 30 month warranty
News: Windows CE support - DMX Light Control program for Windows CE operating system. Available in version for Pocket PC, Smartphone, x86 or ARM4 processors. Your device has to have USB Host for full functionality. Download: Windows CE x86 and Pocket PC - ARM. More downloads at

Interface DMX PIPE uses a newer integrated circuit for communication with USB than Enttec Open USB DMX, but it is from the same manufacturer FTDI (Future Technology Device International Ltd.). 100% compatibility is ensured, because the drivers are the same for both converters. All programs that support Enttec Open DMX USB will automatically work with DMX PIPE or USB-DMX512 Module. Whats more, the converters DMX PIPE and USB-DMX512 Module [1] allow the use of licensed and patented version of DMX Music Visualization. Also along with the converter software like DMX512 PC Control, DMX Light Control [2] (for Windows CE, Smartphone and ARM4), LCD/DLP Effects Projector [3], others are also being developed.


SDK - Software development kit for module USB-DMX512 and DMX PIPE for your own application in C++: DMX PIPE SDK
Test - DMX512 USITT compatibility test
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Other compatible software - Other SW
Manuals - English, Czech, German

Tested for:

- EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
- High temperature (+80 C / 176 °F)
- Short circuit
- Mechanical damage
- USITT DMX512 Compatibility Test
- Software Drivers Compatibility Test
- Drop test free fall
- Low temperature (3 months -26 C / -14.8 °F)


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