DMX - Windows CE

DMX Light Control for Windows CE

An application for controlling lighting technology using DMX512 protocol in Windows CE enviroment!

Supported USB-DMX512 interfaces:

DMX PIPE, manufactured by SOH
USB-DMX512 Module, manufactured by SOH
• Open USB DMX, manufactured by Enttec

DMX Light Control Clasic variant

Allows to control all 512 channels. Suitable for resolutions 640x480 and up.

• Download for x86 compatible processor: DMX Light Control CE x86
• Download for ARM compatible processor: in development

DMX Light Control Dialog

DMX Light Control DMX Output Dialog

DMX Light Control Lite variant

Allows to control 8 DMX channels. Suitable for resolutions 220x190 and up.

• Download for x86 compatible processor: DMX Light Control Lite CE x86
• Download for ARMV4 (Pocket PC 2003) compatible processor: DMX Light Control Lite CE ARM4

DMX512 Light Control Small Dialog for PDA, WinCE, Pocket PCDMX Light Control in Pocket PC - PDA

USB-DMX512 interface driver installation in Windows CE

To use the program in Windows CE, it is necessary to install a driver named D2XX. These drivers can be found in the program directory or on pages and The following files are important for the driver installation:

• ftdi_d2xx.dll - the D2XX driver file
• ftd2xx.dll - application interface to the D2XX driver
• ftd2xx.inf - user changeable file to allow devices with custom VID and PID combinations to be installed

Copy all these files to the \\Windows folder on your device (PDA, mini PC and others).

Your device has to have USB host for the application to work correctly! If it has just USB slave, it is insufficient for connecting USB-DMX512 interface.

After connecting your USB-DMX512 interface, you will see the following dialog window.


Insert ftdi_d2xx here and press OK. Now simply run the DMX Light Control CE application.

Additional information about driver installation can be found on this page:

DIP Switch Program

A little program to make DMX address setting of a light on a DIP switch easier. You only need to upload this program to a device of your choice and run it.

• Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc.: DIP Switch
• Download for Windows CE x86: on request
• Download for Pocket PC 2003 (ARM4) compatible devices: DIP Switch PDA
• Download for Smartphone (ARM4) compatible devices: DIP Switch Phone

Dip Switch pro PDADip Switch pro Smartphone

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