Music Visualization

The program uses internationally patented technology for controlling lighting technology directly by audio signal (LTCA). It can ingeniously control all the lighting technology directly just through the music that is being played. The most widespread protocol - DMX512 - is used to control the lighting technology. A Music Visualization version that allows controlling the first 10 DMX channels is free and available for download.

For a full featured implementation you only need an ordinary PC with a soundcard and an USB port. Music analysis runs in the background from any input or output (for example from the microphone input, the line input or any application like Windows Media Player, WinAmp and others). The software is primarily designed for clubs, discos and live music. There is no need to intervene throughout the entire music performance. The software recognizes different passages and genres by itself. You only need to set it up and configure connected lighting technology and the progress of the music will be represented in the visuals. It is also possible to adjust the controls, or to control the whole scene manually, for example by using DJ buttons or by remote controller.

Advantages the system developed to control lighting technology:

  • The application is able to control lighting technology by music in real time.
  • Human intervention is not necessary.
  • It allows better utilization of lighting technology.
  • It can run nonstop.
  • In contrast to a lighting technician, it can control every one of tens of lighting units (or effects) individually.
  • Harmonizes lighting scene even with a new unknown music performance.
  • It can quickly react to unpredictable changes in the music.
  • The aplication works on any ordinary PC.
  • It can control lighting technology already built in.
  • Music source can be any input or output of a sound card.

Preview of the Music Visualization 1.4 software.

Window for graphical generation of a chase and configurable DJ buttons.

Hardwarové možnosti propojení
Connection of various peripherals with the Music Visualization software

Minimal hardware requirements

  • 800 MHz CPU or higher
  • Windows 2000 or higher (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10)
  • USB port 1.1 or 2.0
  • CD-ROM or internet access


How to create your first project

Video clips of the software in use

Sample projects for download

Download manual in PDF

Download Music Visualization Demo Software

CD Contents

  • DMX Music Visualization
  • DMX512 Light Control Full Version (for Windows XP, Vista, 7, CE, Pocket PC, SmartPhone)
  • DMX512 PC Control Free Version
  • DMX PIPE Drivers

Software License

License Description Price
Free 10 DMX channels, max. 6 attributes, - not for commercial use FREE
16 Lite 16 DMX channels, max. 10 attributes, includes DMX PIPE $125
48 Basic 48 DMX channels, max. 20 attributes, includes DMX PIPE $303
256 Standard 256 DMX channels, unlimited attributes, includes DMX PIPE $720
512 Art-Net 512 DMX channels, Art-Net, unlimited attributes, includes DMX PIPE $1170
1024 Art-Net 1024 DMX channels, Art-Net, unlimited attributes, includes 2x DMX PIPE $1577
3072 Art-Net 3072 DMX channels, Art-Net, unlimited attributes, includes Art-Net Node Universe $2580

Software Upgrade

from => to 16 Lite 48 Basic 256 Standard 512 Art-Net
DMX PIPE (Free) $ 50 $ 229 $ 645 $ 1095
16 Lite --- $ 197 $ 615
$ 1065
48 Basic (& Average) --- --- $ 437
$ 887
256 Standard (& Full) --- --- --- $ 470

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Eshop: +420 272 272 500

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