USB-DMX Module

USB-DMX512 Module (which includes connectors and does not include an enclosure) is an interface that allows control of lighting technology by PC. It is a module that connects to a USB port to which all of the lighting technology using DMX512 protocol can be easily connected. This interface has an excellent compatibility with broad range of software. Data can be broadcasted as well as received from and external source. Number of bytes sent over the bus is not limited in any way. That means that full 512 channels can be utilized, although this amount can vary according to the features of used application.


Interface DMX PIPE uses newer integrated circuit for communication with USB than Enttec Open USB DMX, but it is from the same manufacturer FTDI (Future Technology Device International Ltd.). 100% compatibility is ensured, because drivers are the same for both converters. All programs that support Enttec Open DMX USB will automatically work with DMX PIPE or USB-DMX512 Module. What is more, the converters DMX PIPE and USB-DMX512 Module [1] allow using of licensed and patented version of DMX Music Visualization. Also along with the converters software like DMX512 PC Control, DMX Light Control [2] (for Windows CE, Smartphone and ARM4), LCD/DLP Effects Projector [3] and others is being developed.

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SDK - Software Development Kit for USB-DMX512 Module and DMX PIPE for your own C++ application: USB-DMX512 SDK
Test - DMX512 USITT compatibility test
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Other compatible software - Other SW
Manuals - Čeština, Angličtina, Němčina

New item: Windows CE support - DMX Light Control for Windows CE operating system. Avaible for Pocket PC, Smartphones, x86 or ARM4 processors as well. The device only has to have USB host feature. Download: Windows CE x86 and Pocket PC - ARM. More information on this page:


  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • High temperature (80 C°/ 176 °F)
  • Output short
  • Mechanical durability
  • USITT DMX512 compatibilty test
  • Software Drivers Compatibility Test
  • Low temperature (3 months in -26 °C / -14.8 °F)


  • Full 512 channels
  • Broadcasting/receiving over DMX512 bus
  • Full speed DMX512 speed
  • Powered by USB
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Low power consumption from USB
  • Operating temperature from -40 °C up to 85 °C
  • Silver Pb free soldering
  • Excellent software compatibility
  • Windows, Linux and Mac OS drivers available for download -
  • 30 months warranty
Compatible with broad range of free internet software such as:
FreeStyler 512, DMX Live Desk V9, MasterPeace, Abuelites, MaqicQ, DMX Control, DMX Theatre, STL-DMX, DMX 4 Linux, Lights UP X, PureDada, Schwartzpeter, Manolator, StageConsole, Hip

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